Ultimate Guide to Xbox Studios, Even the New Ones

Ultimate Guide to Xbox Studios, Even the New Ones

The Xbox Studios have been growing at a very high rate in recent years while also adding new Xbox studios into the fold. The size of the first party now sits at 23 studios. As you can see from the gorgeous illustration by @Klobrille, there’s a lot of exciting games in development by these studios!

All game data below is from RAWG.IO

  1. 343 Industries
    Employee Count: 750
    Job Listings: 16
    Rumors: There is some discussion based on job listings that 343i is in the early stages of pre-development for a new game in the Halo Universe.
    Website: https://www.343industries.com
  2. Alpha Dog Games
    Employee Count: 12
    Job Listings: 2
    Rumors: N/A
    Website: http://www.alphadoggames.com
  3. Arkane Studios
    Employee Count: 252
    Job Listings: 28
    Rumors: Arkane Studios Austin, Texas location is confirmed to be working on an unannounced AAA title, little is known about thee. The game development is being led by the co-creator of the Dishonored franchise, discussed in length by the team at Windows Central.
    Website: https://www.arkane-studios.com/
  4. Bethesda Game Studios
    Employee Count: 420
    Job Listings: 43
    Rumors: The upcoming expected hit title Starfield may be launching this year, this is one of top rumors for Xbox this year.
    Website: https://bethesda.net/
  5. Compulsion Games
    Employee Count: 71
    Job Listings: 4
    Rumors: Compulsion games is working on a big new AAA IP that is rumored to be shown off this year at E3, be sure to check out some of the other games that may show up at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase.
    Website: https://compulsiongames.com/
    Contrast, We Happy Few
  6. Double Fine Productions
    Employee Count: 80
    Job Listings: 1
    Rumors: Based on a job listing, discussed here, it appears that Double Fine is in the the early stages of development for a new AAA multiplayer focused game.
    Website: https://www.doublefine.com
  7. The Coalition
    Employee Count: 350
    Job Listings: 11
    Rumor: There is some very exciting chatter that in addition to Gears 6 being in development, the studio is expanding and gearing up for a second, non-Gears related, project. That would be something that would make Xbox fans very happy after clamoring for this team to work on some additional projects for years.
    Website: https://www.thecoalitionstudio.com/games
  8. idSoftware
    Employee Count: 280
    Job Listings: 13
    Rumors: Rumors are already flying that the next Doom game is in the works for next generation Xbox platforms. The Ancient Gods Part 2 certainly ties things up nicely and sets the stage for a new direction, but I don’t want to add any spoilers.
    Website: https://www.idsoftware.com/
  9. The Initiative
    Employee Count: 80
    Job Listings: 5
    Rumors: There has been some discussion that there are actually multiple games in development with the studio doing most of the creative and oversight aspects while outsourcing to internal Xbox studios and external developers for the development.
    Website: https://www.theinitiative.com
    Games: None
  10. inXile Entertainment
    Employee Count: 115
    Job Listings: 8
    Rumors: Recently Brian Fargo, himself, stirred up conversation to be very excited with how the visuals on their new game are looking. Based on some leaks and job listing we know that the game is being made in Unreal Engine 5 and job listing and a recent tweet hint that it is a first person shooter role-playing game. This lines up with the steampunk rpg rumors that have persisted this past year.

    Some additional rumors are flying that they are building out a second team to focus on another title.
    Website: https://www.inxile-entertainment.com

  11. Machine Games
    Employee Count: 129
    Job Listings: 22
    Rumors: Lots of discussion around Wolfenstein 3 launching as early as this year, exclusively on Xbox.
    Website: https://www.machinegames.com/
  12. Mojang Studios
    Employee Count: 627
    Job Listings: 4
    Rumors: This studio has expanded like crazy since Xbox purchased them back in 2014 when they were a team of about 70 employees. They’ve worked hard to expand the reach of Minecraft and have made several spinoffs and plenty of content. However, there has been some discussion that Mojang Studios is looking to make some new games as well. This would fit with Phil Spencer desire to bring more E-rated games to the Xbox platform.
    Website: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/
  13. Ninja Theory
    Employee Count: 120
    Job Listings: 2
    Rumors: Aside from the Hellblade II, Project Mara and Project Insight, not too much else has come out from the studio. Ninja Theory has been very up front with fans releasing developer diaries on their current work, especially Hellblade II. This leads us to the biggest rumor from this studio; they will be the graphical showcase for Xbox at this years E3 showing off blockbuster quality visuals in their gameplay.
    Website: https://ninjatheory.com
  14. Obsidian Entertainment
    Employee Count: 234
    Job Listings: 17
    Rumors: There may be a total of five (5) titles in development including Avowed, Grounded, The Outer Worlds 2, and a project from Josh Sawyer. The other project has scarce details right now, but is said to be a small team.
    Website: https://www.obsidian.net
  15. Playground Studios
    Employee Count: 305
    Job Listings: 96
    Rumors: Playground is currently staffing up big time for their studio making Fable and about to launch Forza Horizon 5. Rumors are swirling that Forza Horizon 5 will launch this fall and debut at E3.
    Website: https://www.playground-games.com
  16. Rare Ltd.
    Employee Count: 260
    Job Listings: 13
    Rumors: A few job listings and people in the industry have suggested that Rare has a 3rd title in development. There is also discussion that the Everwild development has been slow and the game is still a ways out despite being shown off years ago.
    Website: https://www.rare.co.uk
  17. Roundhouse Studios
    Employee Count: N/A
    Job Listings: N/A
    Rumors: Working on an unannounced AAA game, led by the Creative Director for Prey 2 (the cancelled Human Head project).
    Website: N/A
    Games: N/A
  18. Tango Gameworks
    Employee Count: 200+
    Job Listings: 18
    Rumors: The main team is working on a huge sequel in the The Evil Within series. Ghostwire may have been delayed out of a 2021 release date.
    Website: https://www.tangogameworks.com
    Games: The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2
  19. Turn 10 Studios
    Employee Count: 150
    Job Listings: 12
    Rumors: N/A
    Website: https://turn10studios.com
  20. Undead Labs
    Employee Count: 97
    Job Listings: 6
    Rumors: State of Decay 3 is years away and very ambitious, it may not be out before the mid-gen refresh.
    Website: https://undeadlabs.com/lab/
    Games: State of Decay, State of Decay 2
  21. World’s Edge
    Employee Count: N/A
    Job Listings: 3
    Rumors: Microsoft hinted that Age of Mythology has not been forgotten about, so theres been talk about it receiving the Age of Empires treatment.
    Website: https://www.ageofempires.com/
    Games: Age of Empire RemastersI-III, Age of Empires IV
  22. Xbox Game Studios Publishing
    Employee Count: N/A
    Job Listings: 3
    Rumors: There are at least four (4) different AAA projects in development with studios. One of the studios is IOI and they are making a fantasy rpg akin to diablo, one is a massive multiplayer game and the other two do not have much information circulating about them.
    Website: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-studios
  23. Zenimax Online Studios
    Employee Count: 425
    Job Listings: 82
    Rumors: There are two new studios that have been added, one in California and one in Wisconsin. They have two games in development, with one being made by a bunch of FPS talent they added with experience on franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Apex and Titanfall. Job listings have indicated that one of the titles they are working on may be an ID Software franchise.
    Website: https://www.zenimaxonline.com
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